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Rental Conditions

Lease terms are part of the car rental agreement.
By signing the contract, the tenant have read the rental conditions and accepts them.
The Greg Tours agency is hereafter as the lessor.

Art. 01 - Vehicle Use

The tenant agrees not to let drive the vehicle by itself aures people or those approved by the rental company and he vouches and to use the vehicle for his personal needs. It is forbidden to the tenant to use the vehicle:
a. to take part in motorized sports events, vehicle testing and as a self-school.
b. to pull, tow or move another vehicle in any way, since the rental vehicle is not a vehicle intended for this purpose.
c. overloaded, that is to say with a number of people or a payload exceeding the values ​​indicated on the travel permit.
d. to transport flammable, explosive, toxic or hazardous in any way.
e. to commit customs offenses and other offenses, even if they are punishable under the law as the place where they are committed.

Under penalty of cancellation of insurance.
Art.2 - Condition of the Car:

The car is delivered in perfect condition and clean. The counters and their outlets are sealed and the seals can not be removed under penalty of having to pay rent on the basis of 500 km per day. The car will be returned in the same cleanliness at fl â default the tenant must pay the amount of cleaning and refurbishment. The five tires are in good condition without cuts; wear is normal. In case of damage to one of them for a cause other than normal wear. The tenant agrees to replace it immediately with a tire of the same dimensions and substantially equal wear, or to pay the amount.

Art. 3 - Gasoline and Motor Oil :

The gasoline is in charge of the customer. The tenant must keep checking the oil and water levels, and check the levels of the gearbox and rear axle every 1000 km. He will justify this work by invoices (to be reimbursed him) under penalty of having to pay compensation for abnormal wear.

Art. 4 - Maintenance and repair :

The normal mechanical wear is â lessor load. All repairs tired from either a anonnale wear or abnormal cause or negligence of the tenant or accidental cause will be borne and carried by us. In the event that the vehicle is immobilized outside the region, repairs whether due to normal wear and tear or accidental cause, will be executed only after telephone agreement of the lessor or the Regional Officer the kind of vehicle. They will be paid a bill and very détaillée.Les replaced defective parts will be presented with the bill left her. In no event and under any circumstances, the tenant may not claim damages or to delay delivery of the car, or cancellation of the lease or for capital in the case of off again necessitated by normal wear and made during the rental. the owner's liability will be Summoned Jamai s, even for accidents of persons or things that may have resulted from defects or construction defects or previous allocations.

Art. 5 - Insurance :

The tenant is guaranteed for the following risks:
1- For a limited sum for accidents that may cause to third parties including those transported free of charge.
2 Burglar and fire of the vehicle rented excluding clothing and any objects carried.
3- repatriation and capital costs still remains the responsibility of the tenant, whatever the form of contracted insurance.
4- The tenant agrees to report to the Lessor within 48 hours and immediately to the police any accident, theft or fire, even partial under penalty of cancellation of the insurance benefit. His statement must obligatorily mention: the circumstances, date, place and time the number or the name of the Agent, the names and addresses of witnesses and the number of the car the opponent. If necessary, he will join to this statement any police report, gendarmerie or bailiff, if it has been established, it will not in any way discuss the responsibility or treat or deal with third parties to the accident. It will pay a car unemployment benefit for the duration of the asset from abnormal wear or accident.
The car is insured for the rental period. After that detail the lessor declines all responsibility for accidents that could have caused the tenant and he will do his personal business.
Finally, There is no insurance for any driver not having a valid state license or permit not older than 1 year.
The owner declines any responsibility for accidents to third parties or damage to the car that the tenant may cause during the rental period if the tenant has deliberately provided to the lessor false information regarding his identity, soh address or validity of his license .

Art. 6 -Rent, security deposit, extension :

The rental price and the deposit are determined by the current rates and payable in advance. The deposit will be used in any case the lessor, send the rental amount being, failing to extended rental.
To avoid disputes and for the case orthe tenant wants to keep the car for a time longer than that indicated on the â contract, he will have after obtaining the agreement of exposing themselves to prosecution for misappropriation of car or breach of trust .
The rental day counts from 0 to 24 hours and any day started is due in full.

Art. 7 - Car Repatriation :

The tenant formally forbidden to abandon the vehicle.
In case of material impossibility, it will be repatriated at the expense and by the tenant's care, the remaining rent due until return of the vehicle.

Art. 8 - Car documents :

The tenant will present at the end of the lease and return the car, the vehicle registration and all papers necessary for its circulation, otherwise, these parts are Essential to new hires, hiring will continue to be the original price prior to delivery to the company. In case of loss of these papers the tenant must pay the costs of dupllcate.

Art. 9 - Responsibility :

The tenant remains solely responsible for fines and records fines established against him.

Art. 10- Jurisdiction :

Expressly and in case of any dispute agreement, the court shall have sole jurisdiction Essaouira. Stamp fees and the remaining commitment to the tenant.

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